A few months ago, the thought of short hair would scare me. I love my hair. moreover, my goal was to have butt length hair. The picture of getting my hair short was nowhere in the depths of my brain. when I went to get my red hair color done earlier in June, the stylist cut my hair short. I won’t call it short but it was shorter than before. I cried for days. I loved the color but I kept wondering how great it would look on my old hair. well, that’s typical me.
I saw Selena Gomez rock a lob last year. that’s where it all started, but I wasn’t sure if it would suit me. Then, every second person I follow on Instagram started to get their hair short. And after asking a million people or maybe the same person for a million times (because I don’t even know a million people).


One unsuccessful attempt and a successful attempt is what it took. now here I am, chilling on a Tuesday night in a lob, like a boss.
The last time I had my hair this short was in 7th grade. I have grown my hair ever since until 2018.
Well, 2018 was all about going bold or going home with my hair. one of the best things of the previous year has to be my hair makeovers.


The hair cut I got done is a long bob, also known as demi-bob. The strands fall long on the front and short at the back. mine doesn’t look a lot angular, but I am super happy with it.


This time I went a little subtle with the color. I wanted something more prominent and bold, but I stick to subtle honey blonde. The technique used was balayage. It suits my haircut pretty well. but I wish it was bold though.

here are a few details about the color

SALON: Bubbles hair and beauty salon, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad


COLOR: Honey





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