As denim on denim was one of the hottest trends in 2018, I wasn’t sure if it would still be seen this year. I didn’t really have the guts to try this in 2018. but your girl finally got over it (applause please).  I was always scared that I would mess it up and end up looking… I don’t know, bad!! and yet I didn’t want to miss out. every time I walked past the Calvin Klein store, the poster of  Kardashians nailing denim on denim would make want to try that right away. so I finally decided to do it. I was planning my winter lookbook and it happened.


you might be wondering “why is she exaggerating so much about it?”

I might very well be sounding like that. but can you just take a moment and google it. you will get results lining up. name one celebrity who hasn’t tried it yet? (except me)

double denim was quite popular in the ’90s and 2018 was all about re-doing the 90’s. so, how polka dots, stripes, oversized garments, neon, graphic tees, flared pants, puffed sleeves, ruffles etc time traveled to 2018, denim on denim decided to come back too. honestly, it was never gone and I think it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


Enough of talking about how others pulled it off.  let’s have a look at how I put it all together. as I said earlier this was going to be a part of my winter lookbook. so it had to be winter and that’s why I chose a sweater.


one of the basic rules to double the denim is to wear the same shade on top and bottom. picking dark shades is a win-win because it makes you look slimmer.

I played safe by keeping it basic and casual. I got a little inspired by Jughead Jones (a Riverdale character). my whole look put together was a two-toned, semi-cropped denim jacket from max, a white crop knitsweater from h&m and high-waisted denim jeans from myntra. lastly, I paired it up with a pair of black block heels.






Well, that was my version of double denim.

If you are planning to try it, now is the time. get some inspiration from these ladies. They completely owned it. and just get started!!



source – us magazine


source- us magazine


source – us magazine


source- Pinterest


source – Pinterest

so, that was all i had to share about double denim trend. i tried something different this time.

if you are reading this right now…thanks for baring me until the end.

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